Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [Game][PC]

Amount Completed: Incomplete

Skyrim is Fallout: Really Old Vegas with dragons. As a first-person explore and battle role playing game Skyrim has arguably too much going on. After so many twists and branching side stories I lost track of what the main plot of the game even was. With the Dawnguard expansion installed I decided, after way too many hours, that I wanted to stop the Vampires from killing off people in towns (some of the merchants were dying... I need them to buy all the garbage I pick up!). After about 37,821 diversions along that storyline I finally just threw in the towel. I never did complete the vampire story line and completely quit the game.

The endless stream of bait and switch quest/story designs started to grate on me as I played more and more. The plot to various storylines moved so slowly due to the constant one off requests to "go this and do that, but to do that you'll need to do these 17 things, each of which will branch off into 37 other things." I really just lost track of what was going on and started to just look at the map and pick random locations to visit if a quest marker was present.

Gut: Skyrim can either be fun or a like having a second job depending how you play. Unfortunately for me I played it as though it were a second job. "Completionists" be wary of this game... I have a lot of respect for the product but I have had a lot more fun with other games requiring the same amount of play time investment.

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