Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dragon Age: Origins & Awakening Expansion [Game][PC]

Amount Completed - Original game and expansion. 

Story - Dragon Age is a massive collection of mini-stories with a couple primary veins to follow along with. In the end it is simply about a marauding army of grotesque creatures apparently mindlessly following some guide. Unfortunately the story fails to deliver any sense of anything grand. It is not as though you play as someone on the sidelines, it is just not as over-the-top as role playing games often are. The character stories were more a source of entertainment than some of the major plot developments. A ton of information is embedded in the game in a written form within a codex. If you are completely dedicated I suggest reading them all. I eventually just stopped looking at them to continue to slog through the mostly mediocre story lines. There are some twists and turns to keep you just at the level of "interested enough" to complete the game.

Art - The art of Dragon Age is simply meh. It lacks a lot of detail and attention to making things look remotely realistic. There is no reason for a cloth to reflect light like a metal. 

Gameplay - If you know Knights of the Old Republic or Mass Effect you have a general idea of what the game play is like.You run around in a third person view and can pause time to make tactical decisions throughout combat. You spend a lot of time talking to a variety of characters and build up a supporting cast of characters to help you in combat and otherwise. You also attempt to persuade or dissuade characters in or out of your favor. Decisions made by the main character will influence the support of individuals within your party. 

The game suffers from an inventory bloat that blows Mass Effect 1's inventory way out of the water. I picked up so much garbage throughout the game. I stopped even caring if new gear was better just so I would not have to slog through my inventory.

Gut - For a game called Dragon Age I think I fought about 6 total. Dragon Age was more mindless fun than I expected. The characters are generally entertaining and the non-expansion story was enough to keep my attention. The expansion really fell flat even with some of the unique elements going for it. I wish the main character was voice acted throughout... an advantage Mass Effect definitely has over Dragon Age.

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