Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trigun and Trigun Maximum [Manga] [English Translation]

Amount Read - Complete story (14 volumes)

Story - Trigun is about a young male character named Vash on a desert planet and his adventures involving a number of interesting situations and characters. He is notorious for being involved with destruction and seems to leave a path behind him. More characters are mixed in and the back story unfolds revealing a number of interesting details and plot points. From a minor hero to the savior of the planet, Vash does it all.

Unfortunately the author is more of an artist and less of a story teller. I have read other manga so I felt as though I had a decent idea of how things generally flow in a graphic novel story. Trigun is a major exception in this realm. At some point the art over takes the storytelling to the point where I completely lost track of what was going on. From panel to panel I had no idea how things happened and where things were going. Page by page the time and location would change so dramatically I could have been switching to entirely different stories.

When the climax of the story starts to build it drags for multiple volumes. I pushed through the final volumes in hopes of something interesting occurring. Instead I was fed a number of battles between characters with conclusions I could not honestly even figure out. I swear one character died and I did not even know it. I am not even sure now if they actually died.

Art - The beginning of the series has well done and reasonably clear artwork. As the series reaches the climax the art work became less and less clear. In the end I believe the art was a complete mess. I could not tell what in the world was going on at times.

Gut - Good for 40%... After a while I lost complete track of what was going on. In the end Trigun Maximum was a major letdown. I do not recommend it.

Anime Fan Note - Fans of the anime series should stick with that, even if the conclusion is actually different. You are not missing much beyond a weird replacement for Wolfwood later on that seems strangely like yet another Vash.


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  2. You are the first person i've seen say the early artwork is actually better earlier in the series. Doesn't give you alot of credibility. i gave a brief explanation of what the conclusions ment, but deleted due to spoilers. i'll just say if you don't have the attention span to figure this simple story out, don't see how you will manage with others with deeper connotations.