Sunday, March 6, 2011

Eden of the East [DVD] [Anime]

Amount Viewed - Entire series (11 episodes)

Story - The show is about a young male character learning about his recent memory loss in conjunction with major events occurring within Japan. He begins the story in Washington D.C. with a gun in one hand and a phone with a huge amount of money tied to it in the other. To make things interesting the phone includes a service to allow him to use the money to do just about anything he sees fit. A young woman is thrown into the mix, though never seems to do anything whatsoever other than drag the pace of the show down. The story unfolds slowly and oddly. I could not take the show seriously due to the excessive amount of "johnny" references (as in male genitalia). Almost nothing is ever really explained or wrapped up. As with many anime, the concept of following the rules established within the fictional world is not critical. I was left wondering why within 11 episodes so much time was wasted destroying any respect given to the viewer. Eden of the East had a chance to shine though. Early on a character is shown abusing his power, killing others. Unfortunately the direction of the show did not continue along the somewhat dark path I expected (and wanted from the series). Instead a convoluted mess of college graduates and a social network internet site somehow took hold.

Animation - The animation of the show is well done. This is far from enough to make it enjoyable though. Nothing ever felt cheap so I was pleased with the presentation overall.

Gut - Almost good... but no... Eden of the East was a dud. The hype and reviews I have read elsewhere are either an indication that people are completely devoid of critical thinking or this really is the best anime of the last few years.

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